Thursday, October 15, 2009

University of Washington College Life Is Interesting

You hear things, experience things, and, you see things. Well, today was quite a sight. After Chemistry class, by Drumheller Fountain, a group of guys drove up in a truck, all loud and obnoxious. Obviously frat guys.

It was across the fountain, so all we could see was a group of guys yelling. Then, after a minute or so of waiting (by then a crowd had formed), these 2 guys run out, stark naked, and jump into Drumheller.

All the guys proceed to run away, of course with the nakedees' clothes. The naked guys had to jump out of the pool, and run off....and fend for themselves...naked. That would be interesting to see a naked guy running down a path without having seen the jumping in the fountain event.

So that was my exciting University of Washington moment of the day. Not much else to say. Hah. I'm thinking about changing phone plans, so my phone number might change yet again.

Last thought: wow, OUGL (Odeegard UnderGrad Library) has a very nice plethora of Computers. Dells and Macs. It was amazing.

University of Washington ROCKS!!!